Bobu Bobu – Eagle Owls


Today after a most fabulous bike ride on the moors in north Cornwall we staggered into an owl sanctuary where I was literally blown over by the beauty of these birds.

I was even lucky enough to have one flown to my gloved hand and very surprised how light in weight they were to the bulk of their size.

Photographing these striking and quite dramatic birds was a delight, all I had on me was a 50mm prime and decided to tone them quite heavily to bring out the drama of their presence.

These two birds out of many at the sanctuary were my favourites, enjoy their beauty ….


This is ‘Voicey’ the Great Grey Owl his mum and dad Victoria & Albert also live at the sanctuary,

normally found in the Northern hemisphere. Voicey was my absolute favourite, the eye contact was unforgettable.




These two images are of…

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